As She Hit The Mountains

One definition of genius is when a person decides to make a move that completely defies the logic of conventional wisdom, but yes, it turns out to work well. Ain’t that what following your passion is called, not bothering about social taboos?

It isn’t a trade secret that every alternate being is more into traveling now. However, Anangsha’s peculiar journey started back in the summer of ‘16 when she felt the desperate need to find a way out of her humdrum existence. She wanted to explore and learn more about cultures, expose herself to new places, new people, and develop a wider view of the world.

But nothing comes off in a snip! With parents not aligned with her new idea, Anangsha had to look for a source of income. After surfing through the market, she finally managed to grab one. Income? 1500 rupees only! It seemed difficult to fund a trip for that amount but Anangsha learned the art of ‘Budget Traveling’.

From her colossal travel vlog, she reflects on her trip to Spiti Valley in 2017 as one of her most special. Without comprising on any priorities, she managed to round up 21 days at the minimal expense of just 4200 grand. Hitch-hiking, spending the nights with local families, nipping traditional food, exploring remote villages (like KA), Spiti gave her more than just mere memories. Well, there has been no looking back since then with the national tennis player’s travel aspirations growing tenfold every passing year.

Eventually, Anangsha, who is also a trained artist and a photographer by passion, has become a popular face in the travel industry and beyond, courtesy of her mesmerizing sagas and her ability to create appealing content. Apart from collaborating with the renowned global travel community ‘Tripoto’, she has been a regular feature in various media publications.

It’s important to have a ‘purpose’ when you travel anywhere. You either go to a place to learn (explore) or refresh yourself. You don’t travel to pile up selfies. That’s Anangsha!

When asked about the effect that this coronavirus pandemic has had on her travel plans, Anangsha said: “I miss traveling a lot. But it’s fine. Nature needs time to heal itself. They need a break from people. Once all of these are over, I will see nature in a refreshed form. Meanwhile, I am giving more time to myself and my profession which is content creation and social media marketing (surprise!). After all, I also have to earn in order to keep ticking off items from my bucket list.”


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