The Last One … Gone too!

With Yuvi’s goodbye, I realise that I won’t be able to see any of my childhood heroes donning an Indian jersey ever. The classic 2003 World Cup squad is finally done and dusted. Yuvi was always a special part of that generation.

Some innings made fans jump up in the air, while some gave them hope that we are ready to fight all greats.

Regardless of Yuvi’s current form, shape or speed, a child from ’90s like me will always remember him as someone who was ready to dive headlong on the field, whose flick down the leg side landed in the thick of crowd, who helped Dada create that memorable shirtless moment at Lord’s, and most importantly, as a player who gave it all for his team.

Newday chumps may say else, but I’ve always considered him the biggest reason behind India winning the World Cup after 28 years. Oh what a tournament he had! Be it him kneeling down all pumped to celebrate our Q/F victory against mighty Aussies, or coughing blood on the field on numerous occasions, he is the hero India didn’t deserve.

I prayed to God that whatever happens, even if I die afterwards, let India win the World Cup“, words that speak scant of his big heart.

Helmet on head, heart on crest, never a backward step – my hero finally bids adieu with a thumping chest.

Miss you more than 666666 times.